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Why Some Democrats Turn Right

During a recent conversation about the upcoming election, a man called Jeff announced he is a "Born Again Republican." Everyone laughed. They knew him as a lifelong, Calumet Region Democrat. He must be joking. Jeff assured them he was serious, and shared a common refrain: "The Democrat Party left me." His friends nodded in disbelief, before asking what prompted the switch. Jeff mentioned the failing economy, rising crime, cancel culture and finally, integrity. "They're not honest about what they're doing. They mock people for their faith. It just became obvious, for me to remain a Democrat, I'd be expected to go along with that. It's wrong. They openly call Christians radicals now. I'm Catholic. Does that make me a radical? Where's the tolerance?... or diversity? Their version of diversity isn't very diverse. It's messed up. It's not the Democrat party I know. I just can't buy what they're selling."

Jeff isn't alone. Many traditional Democrats don't feel comfortable with the new left ideology. The following column, appeared in the Standard Democrat newspaper in July, 2018. Its reflections seem even more relevant now, in 2022.

I wonder if liberals pray?

Okay, that’s a ridiculous question because, of course, liberals pray.

But here’s what prompts the question.

With the current chaos — and frightening chaos at that — we have begun praying for our country. I can honestly say that past prayers for countless years have rarely, if ever, included a prayer for this country.

There have been ample prayers for those who safeguard our country. And indeed there have been prayers for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our nation.

But by any measure, in my mind, these times are radically different.

Do liberals pray for open borders which would bankrupt this nation’s culture and financial stability?

Do liberals pray for a guaranteed income which would come from the pockets of the producers to fund the non-producers?

Do liberals pray for abortion rights which have taken the lives of millions upon millions of unborn?

Do liberals pray for politicians who advocate anarchy and the overthrow of a duly elected government?

Please please don’t misunderstand. I am not saying God’s on one side or the other.

That is most definitely not the point.

I can only assume we all pray for peace and prosperity and health and happiness.

My question involves the day-to-day critical issues that will shape the future of this nation.

Okay, let me approach this from a different angle.

Without question, conservatives and liberals pray equally for the health and safety of their children and grandchildren. If you don’t, then shame on you.

So why would you pray for something that will severely endanger the future for those precious children?

Having surely infuriated each and every liberal, let me end with one final question.

Liberals have long advocated the removal of God and religion from public schools and the public square.

So I’m just curious how liberals justify that in their prayers.

The author gets right to the point. We have more in common than we know. Politicians who try to sway us against our values or against each other, aren't upholding their oath.

Prayer is powerful. It's a profound kindness, and the most basic philanthropy there is. Faith, community and tolerance have long-defined America. Political parties are not a substitute for religion and government does not outrank God in our lives. Americans are ready to get back to basics: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Vote with this in mind.

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