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Why are so many moving to Munster?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Over 36,000 Illinois residents moved to Indiana last year... many have landed right here in Munster. In just 2 years, we’ve seen a 23% rise in Illinoisans who have fled their home to become Hoosiers, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. News outlets and publications, in both states, have explored possible reasoning for this sudden exodus. The overwhelming consensus indicates that a persistence of failed Democrat policies are to blame. In fact, Illinois’ population loss was significant enough to reduce its number of Congressional Districts in the recent census.

Hoosiers do it better...

Indiana’s success is the direct result of steady, conservative leadership. Rule of law, mindful spending and limited government create the kind of prosperity we enjoy. You can imagine how attractive Indiana looks after decades of unfettered Democrat control, virtually bankrupt Illinois. After 4 federal convictions of their last 11 Governors, the worst record of urban violence in the country, a global pandemic, defunded police, vaccine mandates and business-killing lockdowns, Illinois residents are well-acquainted with how Democrats conduct "business as usual." Despite all this dysfunction, our good neighbors to the west continue to elect the same Democrat machine politicians that created it. A 2019 Rasmussen Poll shows that almost 2/3 of active voters are uninformed.

It’s evident that Illinois voters do not equate these societal

and economic consequences to Democrat policies.




Taxes are lower across the board in Indiana! In contrast, taxes throughout Illinois continue to rise. Years of overspending and corruption have left Illinois in ruins with one of the worst credit ratings in the country.


Hoosiers support law enforcement and respect the 2nd Amendment. Our communities are safer for it. In llinois, decades of corrupt politicians and prosecutors have created a culture of staggering crime and violence while defunding police.


Consistent in-person learning, with traditional academic curriculum has made Indiana schools are a far more attractive option than the Union-ruled education system in Illinois. Indiana parents have options in public education and the quality of education is strengthened as a result.


Hoosiers enjoy much more for less money when it comes to real estate. Indiana ranks #3 in housing afforadbility, while Illinois ranks #22 according to US News. In addition to value, Hoosiers enjoy stability. Indiana property values typically increase steadily over time, as opposed to the dramatic highs and lows that result from manic taxes and frequent neighborhood turnover.


With Indiana’s strong, business friendly economy, many take advantage of entrepreneurship opportunities by starting their own business. Others grow their careers in the expansive job market. Indiana has become a smart destination for business enterprises of every size. It's hard to beat Indiana when it comes to economy, location, and labor.


Munster's appeal is no accident.

Why is Munster a favorite destination for many Illinois refugees? It’s our conservative government. Local government has the most impact in our daily lives. Munster’s consistent economic progress and exceptional quality of life have been shaped at the municipal level, through decades of common-sense policies. In other words,

Republicans implementing Republican policies.

In order to preserve the Munster we all enjoy, we must reach out to our neighbors now. Our organization is actively working to communicate the intrinsic role Republican leadership has played in cultivating this safe, diverse and prosperous community.

What’s to stop us from ending up like Illinois?

MRCC volunteers are currently distributing literature and engaging residents in a door-to-door information campaign. It’s paramount that we demonstrate to our neighbors why Illinois politics need to stay in Illinois, before Munster changes into something we don’t recognize. Unfortunately, it takes much less time to destroy a community, than it does to create a desirable one.

We need to keep Illinois politics out of Indiana.

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