Our next meeting is 7:00pm Thursday


Munster Town Hall  - 1005 Ridge Road



AUGUST 11, 2022


OCTOBER 13, 2022

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

DECEMBER 9, 2022

JANUARY 12, 2023

FEBRUARY 9, 2023

MARCH 9, 2023

APRIL 13, 2023

What is a Precinct Meeting?

This is where you can "get involved!"

The MRCC is the official Republican Precinct Organization that serves the Town of Munster. The organization is responsible for staffing Munster elections and supporting Republican candidates. We have an executive board of 4 officers, along with 20 elected Precinct Committeemen and their appointed Vice-Committeemen. Here in Munster, we are very fortunate to have a large group of community supporters. We meet monthly (2nd Thursday of each month) at the Munster Town Hall. All who wish to contribute are welcome to participate in our meetings. 

When you come to an MRCC Precinct Meeting, you'll be part of discussions about issues that concern our community. Your input is not just welcome, but appreciated! If you choose to be an active member, you'll have opportunities to campaign for (or with) GOP candidates; help with fundraising events; work the polls; and meet some elected officials along the way. Working with the MRCC is a constructive way to personally shape our community.

The enviable quality of life we Munster residents enjoy is no accident. It's the result of decades of focused, conservative policies and hard work by a steady stream of Republican elected officials. The MRCC has been cultivating this professional quality leadership for over 30 years. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.